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How to Write a Good Waitress Resume

Job hunting in the situation of global downturn is quite daunting. Resume writing in a perfect manner and highlighting the main features definitely increases the chance of getting call from the recruiter. Resume for applying for the job of waitress seems to be easy task but if you know the art of resume writing then it will prove to be beneficial. Many things are required for becoming waitress and required qualities and experience should be depicted properly on resume for impressing the waitress. Apart from hospitality many things are required for applying for the job of waitress.

Following pointers describe about writing good waitress resume:

1. There is no need to write the resume more than two pages. If you are limiting the resume to one page then also it is appreciated. The requirement of the waitress in the particular restaurant signifies the type of resume. The experience or the special qualities can be depicted for the particular restaurant.

2. Never forget to write the title and career objective. Many job seekers neglect the importance of writing a good objective. Recruiters pay attention to the objective and expect something good that determine the personality and seriousness to grab the job.

3. Providing food to the customer is not enough but you have to show the etiquettes and manners. There is need to attend telephone calls and assist the customers too. Keeping the service in mind there should be no delay and the order should be taken properly.

4. You have to mention the key skills and other qualities like inventory control for impressing the recruiter. Highlighting the experience can really give edge over others. Experience as a waitress in good restaurant can solve the purpose of getting the job easily.

5. If you are a fresher then you have to show your skills and if possible then work in some restaurant during summer and show the summer training experience for getting the job of a waiter. Customer rapport is essential for becoming the part of the hotel and restaurant.

6. The size of the font and the style of the font should be checked before preparing resume. You should check the layout of the resume before writing the resume. Chronological educational background and qualification summary is essential for providing a clear insight on your achievements.

Forward your resume in every good restaurant and try to contact hotels and restaurants online.
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